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Wondering if/how to add this class to daughter's transcript

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My daughter (9th grade) is taking a world history class where the themes of the Giver quartet by Lois Lowry are used to study various historical events. The class is structured to be a 1 credit world history course. In addition, the teachers are also covering literary elements through discussion of the four books, and the students will also be reading additional historical fiction throughout the year. I'd like to use this class for her world history credit and also 1/2 credit for literature. I'm planning to use a subject-based transcript. Would I list the class twice under history and English? 


Something else that I'm not sure how to handle -- while the material covered is, according to the teachers, a one-credit history course, they are not giving grades. I am copied on all the homework assignment emails so I see what she is doing, and I see her homework assignments. I guess I'm not certain about how to determine grades.


She also has an engineering class that is not graded, but that is an elective, so I'm not as concerned.


We are relatively new to homeschooling. Her older brother is a junior at a competitive public magnet school, and while he is neck-deep in AP courses and that rigorous track, it's like I'm walking in two worlds for college prep between the two kids. My daughter's math, science and language are traditional, run-of-the-mill courses, and she will take two Bravewriter writing classes to make 1/2 writing credit. History is her least favorite subject, so I was happy to find this class that has a twist. I'm just uncertain how to justify credit for history and literature.


Thanks for any thoughts on this.





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In ninth grade, my daughter did an entwined history and literature course.  Here are the course descriptions that I wrote:


World Literature from 1700 to 2000

A study of 18th through 20th century short stories and novels with the intent of familiarizing the student with selected literary works of enduring quality.  This interdisciplinary course (see the associated History course below) allows the student to explore this time period by reading its literature while also studying its historical context.  (Class taken at home in 9th grade.)  Awarded 0.50 credits.


World History from 1700 to 2000
This reading-based course covers world-changing events of the 18th through 20th centuries which have shaped our culture today; it complements the associated Literature course (listed above) by giving the student a context for the literature studied. The course also includes musical recordings, documentaries, and videos of or about the time. Map work and short writing assignments are required. (Class taken at home in 9th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.



My daughter took an additional out of the home English class for which I awarded additional credit.



You might ask the instructors if they are willing to give you an assessment of your daughter's performance at the end of the course.  You could use that and your opinion on her written output as the basis for a grade that you assign.






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OP:  I'm new to the "oh, my gosh how do I handle this on the transcript" party, but I am VERY interested in hearing your thoughts about the class.  I came thisclose to signing DD up for that class this year, so I'd love to hear any feedback you are willing to share as I contemplate what we'll do next year. :001_smile:

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