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MCT Literature?


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I need whole books for Literature. I'm helping with a co-op class. We're already doing CAP Writing and Rhetoric, and I find the trivia in most study guides annoying. However, if we don't have something for the kids to work from, they don't read... closely. There's "deer in the headlights" from the group when you try to discuss the books with them.


I'm looking at MCT Literature books. They seem a little expensive at first glance, but by the time you buy study guides and wrangle enough copies of whatever book we are reading for other programs, MCT's books are actually less expensive per person.


Can they be used without the rest of the language arts program? (which isn't an option- we considered it before starting up the co-op class and decided it was too many moving parts and too expensive).


Other options for whole books that would mesh well with CAP? We can't just do "read-and-discuss". The students don't read, or discuss if we don't require some sort of minimal output.  Neither of us have time to create a course.

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