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Well-Trained Mind Community,
We are excited to announce that beloved storyteller Jim Weiss has joined Peace Hill Press!


Here is a letter from Susan Wise Bauer with more details:


All of us at Peace Hill Press are absolutely delighted that Jim Weiss has chosen us to carry on with the publication of his award-winning and much-loved stories.
Jim and Randy have been my friends since we first started running into each other at home education conferences, over a decade ago. We’ve shared our meals, our homes, our stories about our kids, our frustrations, and our creative hopes with each other. My four children (the oldest is now twenty-three!) grew up with Jim’s stories; in fact, I once had Jim’s voice on my answering machine saying “Hello, Bauers!” for months because he called and left a message, and the boys wouldn’t let me erase it. My youngest daughter, now fourteen, still falls asleep with Sweet Dreams and Good Night after a tough day. When Jim recorded the Story of the World series for us, our friendship became a professional relationship. And that professional relationship has now taken on a new dimension.
By publishing, selling, and promoting Jim’s work, we’ll be opening up a space for him to do even more storytelling. We’re going to take on the burden of the business side of his operation so that his creative side can be set free! Jim is looking forward to creating new stories every year for Peace Hill Press, and we can’t wait to bring those recordings to you.
For the latest and greatest news about what Jim’s up to (teaser: it won’t just be audio CDs!), please consider signing up for Peace Hill Press’s email notification list. Visit peacehillpress.com. We’ll never spam you. We’ll just let you know what wonderful things Jim’s working on!



(Note from Justin: Visit peacehillpress.com/jim-weiss to see the titles we're now offering. For a limited time, you can enter the code JIMWEISS at checkout to save 10% on your order.)


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We have nearly every one of Jim's albums, and look forward to any more he produces. I'm glad that he and Randy will have more time to focus on creating and recording. Susan, this is wonderful, and I hope it's a good move for you, as well.


From a marketing perspective, perhaps it is worth mentioning that these albums make excellent birthday and Christmas presents. We have kept some extras (from different "levels") in a box in the closet, and whenever a nice present is needed, we have it on hand. Never outdated, always appreciated. ;)


All the best with this new venture, SWB & JW. You are both always appreciated.


Edited to add: And never outdated!

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Exciting! Will you be making his work available on Audible? I'm hopeful! We own a lot of CDs, but digital is much easier for us :).

Many are available on Google play. Dh has a subscription for music anyways but we use it a lot for homeschooling too, including Jim Weiss stories. It is certainly a nice bonus.

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Thanks for the enthusiastic responses! To those of you who asked: yes, we are working on getting these Jim Weiss products into iTunes, Audible, etc. In the meantime, almost all of them are available as downloadable MP3s on our website. Usually the description of the CD version of each product contains a link to the MP3 version....or scroll down to near the bottom of the "Jim Weiss" page to see the MP3s.



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Well this is a happy collaboration! 


I'm enjoying all over again going through the Story of the World on audio with my youngest two. And the other day, one of my older boys who's usually off at his own classes asked me to put in an SOTW CD in the car. Hooray! We love audio books and I'm looking forward to seeing what these great minds come up with!

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