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Afterschooling and trying to catch up a 9yo

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So many issues have happened in the past 5 years....the results are that my son is stuck in public school at the moment for this school year, but I'd like to afterschool him with language arts.  He has a relatively light homework load and I would like to do some remedial LA with him.  He gets spelling every week at school, and is decent in reading, so I'd like to teach grammar, writing, parts of speech.  Next year my plan is to HS again and I'd like to not stick him and his sister (who will be in second) in the same LA program if I can avoid it.

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What about something like the new Fix-It Grammar?  15 minutes a day or less, 4 days a week.  Or you can double the lessons so you complete 2 lessons a day, 4 days a week, still be done in less than 25 minutes usually, 4 days a week, and finish 2 books in one year.  Covers parts of speech, grammar, some writing, really light start but ramps up and uses real literature.  

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