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Deconstruction Introduction: how? Lori? Others?

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Ds will be starting school for 10th grade in 4 months time, and I am using the time we have left to give him knowledge that will be useful for his senior years, so that when he hears "existentialist" or "postmodern" etc, it will at least not be .... 'meaningless' :rofl:  


I hope that's enough background to ask: What would be the best way to teach the meaning of the word Deconstruction in one lesson? I just want to create a 'peg' that can be built on later. So, Derrida's 40 page essay about there being no centre wouldn't work. What would you suggest? 


Lori, the notes you typed out for my 'existentialist story' question, about nihilism and absurdism were fabulous! It really helped me define existentialism so that I could explain it to my ds via the story The Wall, and that only took one hour, but we will have a revision in a few weeks. Also the postmodern story you suggested for Ruth: 'Schrodinger's Cat' was hilarious! I know my ds will love it when I introduce him to postmodernist literature. Thank you!


So Deconstruction is my last hurdle: how to define it in a non-dry manner in one lesson? 



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