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The only way I'd consider it a high school algebra course is for a student who is not currently capable of any sort of regular algebra course and is probably not going to college, but needs a credit that says "algebra" for graduation. It's a fine prep for a more rigorous algebra course but really doesn't prepare them enough to move on in math

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I think it is fine as a regular level algebra course for the child not going any further really in math. There are a lot of programs I would consider it to be equal to, such as Teaching Textbooks. But again, I would not use Teaching Textbooks for a child who is college bound in a STEM field. Every child has different objectives and needs something different. Amazingly, Texas is changing their TEKS. Everyone is in an uproar over the new TEKS being so hard. But, I found that everything in the new TEKS that others consider to be too hard are things that were covered in the easier problem set even of the Jacob's algebra. 

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