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Beef broth didn't turn out right, any advice?


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Tried a recipe today for beef broth from scratch.  I broiled then boiled these beautiful (read: expensive) beef bones, added veggies and spices according to directions.


Unfortunately I ended up with a bunch of bones, veggie mush (I know that's supposed to be how they look) but only about...4 cups of broth.  I started with somewhere near 16 cups.


The directions said to simmer with top off (should have ignored) and I'm sure that had something to do with it condensing.


Now that I have what's left, should I 

1) resimmer bones (basically trying again)

2) reheat current stock and add water (maybe it's condensed)


3) chalk it up to following common sense and not always directions and call it a darned expensive 4 cups of broth

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"Lots of time and $ and not a lot of yield."


Why didn't you tell me????



JK.  Oh well, geeze.  So frustrating.


It tastes really, really good.  Not condensed tasting, but a deep flavorful broth.  Only problem is the amount :(...and if we're honest, the fat.  Soooooo much fat.  About to skim that off my 4 cups, which will leave me with 3 3/4 cups~

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When I make broth I keep the lid on so that not a lot is lost, I strain it with a mesh strainer and then put it in the refrigerator to cool down and then skim the fat off the top. I only think it's economical if you're already having beef processed and ask them for the bones for broth or for chicken, when I make a whole chicken, or any boned piece, I save the bones until I have a bunch & make broth.

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I'm voting you basically condensed it, though if the liquid level got too low (below the bones and veggies) then you didn't get everything out that could come out, if that makes sense.  

I use the crock pot; if the liquid gets low I add more.  

Also, how long did you cook it?  When I make chicken broth, there's a huge difference between the color and flavor at 12 hours or less and 24 hours or more.  A deeper, darker color.  I aim for around 36 hours.


Oh, and how did you get the liquid out?  I generally scoop what I can and strain it into containers, then I use a sort of flat spoon thingy with holes in it to push up against the veggies while I tilt the crock pot so I can scoop the liquid that comes out of the veggies.  I really squeeze the veggies with the spoon so I can get as much liquid as possible out of them.

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When you refrigerate it, it will likely gelatinize. That is a good sign it is just very condensed and you just use less of the "gelatin" and add water.  This has happened to me with turkey stock before.  


ETA: don't add water before long term storage like freezing. Just keep it condensed and add water when you use it.

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This might not be the answer you want to hear, but you can get a decent yield of broth at home, it's just more time consuming. It's so worth it though nutritionally speaking though. This is how I make chicken broth at home.


1. First, I lightly simmer a whole chicken in a gallon of water until it's just falling apart. This makes the my final product not just stock but broth too, because meat is being cooked in the liquid, as well.


2. Debone chicken. Crush bones in gallon Ziploc baggies over a cutting board with a rubber mallet or hammer.


3. Put cartlilage, fat, and crushed bones back in pot and simmer 24 hours. Yes, you read that right!


4. Cool. Strain. Freeze. This make 1 GALLON of broth.


This make the most delicious and nutritious broth.



So, I would crush the bones (after they've cooked and softened) and cook longer if I was just using bones.


ETA: Also, did you cover the pan when cooking the stock? I've never lost that much water and usually end up with a bit more than a gallon because of the whole chicken's moisture content.

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