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I need some lunch ideas that an 8 yo and 5 yo can do themselves.

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I'm helping a friend by planning meals for her for the next two weeks. One of the things she abhors is making lunches for the kids to take to school. I'm thinking, they could make their own lunches, provided she do a bit of prep work on Sunday.


SO, I need some ideas on things these two children can put in lunches that wouldn't require their mother's full attention. Besides, it's a good lesson in taking responsibility if these girlies can take on that chore for themselves.



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have made their lunch everyday this school year. (My 1 year old is already attempting to make his own sandwiches)


They usually make a sandwich or stick left over dinner in their lunch boxes. Since I've been able to get Capri Sun's pretty cheaply they drink those (no food dyes) and they'll stick a banana or apple. My older daughter will sometimes get some baby carrots with some ranch dressing. Sometimes we do chips, pretzels or popcorn (made over the week-end).If they eat a good breakfast they tend to not need as much for lunch. Also, for drinks they'll fill their a water bottle or thermos with water if we don't have Capri Sun's.


One thing I consider that if my kids don't eat the most nutritious lunch I try to make it up at dinner, breakfast and snacks. Also, my kids are self-sufficient at a young age in the kitchen. My oldest dd started making her own sandwich at 3 years old. My dd7 is already cooking on the stove under strict supervision.

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