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Omnibus for me

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Hi ladies

Can someone help me out with omnibus? I'm thinking about starting a course myself just to get ahead and grasp things a little better so I can teach better. But as many times as I look over the website, I still don't truly know what I would need to do. Is it necessary to start with I? And does is only go through III for the self-paced? That's all I see. And would I do primary and secondary or choose one? Do you like one better than the other? I'm not picky on which period of history.


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Buy Omnibus I, book and CD (CD is essential)

Go over the index for semester one and decide which books you like best, tick them.

Buy the first book and read.

Read the essay from the book

Print out the answers to the questions from the CD

Read through the questions and suggested answers.

Repeat for the next book. 


I prefer to read the book first, then do the essay and questions, though the questions tell you to read chapters 1-3 and then do the questions. We are on book III now and I've always done it the way I described above. We have loved Omnibus: it has been the highlight of our homeschool.


Some of the original books are a little disturbing and contain explicit violence and sex, but if you think this is too much for your kids, you can always use a quality abridged version of the book. 


Also, you don't have to do the entire collection: just choose the ones you like best.

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You can do it with the book, or of course the self-paced. A friend of mine found that the self-paced was more motivating for her, and she did it along with her teen.


They did primary first, and then secondary. Primary contains the more "core" books but the secondary ones are good too.


They're on my to-do list. One of these days. Both of my teens have loved Omnibus.

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On the teacher CD you can see how they divide the credits per book, but as it is covering three subjects, for 3 credits, it should be three hours per day, if one plans to do everything and wants to finish the book in one year.

For self study I would aim for 1.5-2h per day, but that is the maximum I can implement.

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For self study I would aim for 1.5-2h per day, but that is the maximum I can implement.


Yes, my friend that did both Primary and Secondary in a year (Omni II BTW), said that she spent a little over an hour a day. She's a quick read and was an English major and a technical writer before kids.


I'm hoping to do Omni I Primary next summer in a concentrated effort. Just too busy during the school year.

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