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Coverage of Saxon Math 3


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Last school year, my son completed Singapore Math 2B.  I switched him schools this year and he is now doing Saxon Math 3. He is very bored with Saxon Math 3 and is beginning to dislike Math because he is not challenged at all. I bought Singapore 3A books for him to do at home. He's flying through the pages of Sing Math 3A and is learning to like Math all over again. 


I've asked his teacher to give him a placement test to see if my son would qualify for Saxon 5/4, and she said he didn't do well enough to go to 5/4. Specifically, she mentioned he cannot multiply two digit numbers by  two digit numbers nor can he divide when dividend is with 3 or more numbers. He has not studied these topics from Singapore 2A and Singapore 3A so I am not surprised that he did not get the answers to these types of questions correctly. However, my question is, was it fair for the teacher to give him a placement test that would include multiplying two digit by two digits and dividing with 3 or more numbers as dividends? Are these topics covered in Saxon Math 3? Because he missed those types of questions, the teacher is recommending he stays in Saxon Math 3.


In general, do you think Saxon Math 3 is equivalent to Singapore 3 as well? I've read some reviews here and it sounds like Saxon is a bit behind. 



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I don't think the multiplication (2 digit x 2 digit is in 3, I scanned the table of contents for the 20 lessons we have left).  However, the division is... just near the end, the part of the book that my daughter never absorbs much from anyway. If she gave him this one: http://www.hmhco.com/~/media/sites/home/education/global/pdf/placement/mathematics/k-12/saxon-math-homeschool/sms_plt_middlegrades.pdf?la=en...it's possible he didn't do well enough but that the multiplication was just one contributing reason.


Edit: Maybe 2 x 2 multiplication was multiplying by 10? If so that is covered, sort of. 6 × 4 × 10

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