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multi-sensory math recc?


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Hello. :) My son does not have a short term memory. Remembering, and learning new math concepts is hard. Rote memory is good for basic one-step issues(like he can memorize multiplication facts with enough practice), but working memory makes math hard(if he has to borrow more than 1x in a 3 digit subtraction problem, he has trouble). And he does not understand the concepts at all. He has no idea how re-grouping works, even though I broke out the toothpicks, etc. So, what I am looking for is...


a multi-sensory math program to hammer home the CONCEPTS. There are alot of programs for rote memory, and I will get one of those as well(for rote memory I am actually considering kumon). But what I really need is a program that uses a multi-sensory approach so that he can 'get' the concept. See, his visual memory is very good. So, if I can find a sensory math, I think he can make the link. 


Can anyone recc a good multi-sensory math program for learning the concepts of math? Thanks! Heidi 

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I'd look at Miquon and Ronit Bird.  You might also ask on the Learning Challenges board.



Maybe look at Right Start? I've only used it for the younger grades, but it is very hands on and incorporates a lot of games as opposed to memorizing facts.


Thank you all so much-will look into those, and I posted this on the learning challenges board. :) 

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