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curriculum from equippingminds.com. Anyone use it? Thoughts?


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I was rereading the first quarter 2015 HSLDA magazine.  There was an interesting article on processing speed, working memory and games to test and improve them.  This time I noticed that the author developed a curriculum so I thought I'd check it out.  It looked really quite interesting.  I've always thought the brain could be improved with exercises.  Has anyone used this?   What did you think?  


I wasn't sure where to put this.  It seems that the learning problems group might be likeliest to have use it.  But, then they also said that it is used in G&T classes, and with adults.  

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I may get this sometimes in the future, but I haven't seen it mentioned in the LD forum.



But there is onebrain training kit which used to be frequently mentioned in that board -  Dr. Stephey's kit. His brain training kit is similar to PACE, but can be done by yourself. A while ago, I found  a brain trainer lady who used to sell both Dr. Stephey's kit and equipping mind kit. She said the reason why she switches exclusively to equipping mind kit is because the equipping mind kit is more complete and advanced than Dr. Stephey's one.

 But anyway, try the LD board. YOu may get a better response there.

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