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Picture books for adoptive and foster families


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http://westolivepress.com/ A new local publisher is going to be focusing on books for foster and adoptive families.  I love the been there, done that, in the trenches perspectives.  So many adoption books seem to be the pie in the sky, everything is wonderful, no challenges type thing---esp. those written for children.  This one is As Real As It Gets.

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I would need to know more. What little it shows is about the child misreading situations. I would like to know if they will show the APs dealing with the same...being the ones misunderstanding the child and validating. I think I would have to know more about the project, what and how. Sibling relations and the feelings and misunderstandings that happen on both sides of the fence, etc.


If done right, this could be a good thing. The illustrations look well done.

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Check out this Kickstarter link.  It is their fund raising site but the video at the beginning show my friend Amanda with her family and the basis for the book.  Then if you scroll down you can see some more about the book and actually read the entire text of the book.  The illustrator, Joel Schoon Tanis is very well known and does lots of kids projects.  I have preordered several copies of the book to hand out to other adoptive families.




You can also click on the updates to see more and comments section to see some reviews of the book.


Hope this helps.

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