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Anything similar to teach a child to read wih children's books

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This is something I NEVER saw coming... but I happened across a set of reading textbooks (like this, but an older edition) at a book sale once, and bought them, and have now used them with 2 kids.



I totally disapprove of them in later grades, when they just take chapter excerpts, but the 1st and 2nd grade ones are wonderful.  High-quality children's books, starting super easy (like, one word on a page) and getting gradually harder as the year goes on, printed in a book that's larger than "easy reader" type books (so, IMO, easier to read and more interesting to look at).  And there are craft projects and poems and "fun facts" about the authors that my kids like.


For my second child, I went one step further and bought the matching workbooks on Amazon, because I wanted to try out a phonics program.  It would have killed my oldest with boredom, but it seems to be at the exact right level for my current first grader.


I know homeschoolers usually don't go this route, but it's worked very well for us.  And older editions are available for pennies on Amazon.






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Something like Treadwell readers or McGuffey Readers?



I'm writing a series for the Treadwell Readers.  I have a companion for the 2nd and 3rd readers complete.  I'm 75% through the Kindergarten/Primer year.


If there is interest in beta testing the Kindy/Primer Companion, pm me.  It'll likely be ready for some beta testing around Thanksgiving.

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I am with you...readers can be yuck!  We have had lots of success with what MP uses.  They are little stories that build on each other focuses on certain special sounds/words.  I am not doing their actual phonics program have been using OPGTR as a guide and making sure I don't forget any special sounds/blends, etc.  They are:  Scamp and Tramp, Soft and White for beginning ones.  I will also find beginning reader books that I like and we will read together.  If he doesn't know a certain rule and there is a special sound to learn I will tell him it and then we move on. 


Once there is a good foundation we have liked these early reader books:  Any science book by Milicent Selsam, Dan Frontier series are great because they are stories that increasingly get harder through the series and works on different rules (if you can find them!) Great for boys..:)  HTH

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