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Rosetta Stone or Power-Glide or something else for Spanish?


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I am interested in finding a computer program for Spanish for my 6 yo that he could do independently (for the most part) that would give him a good introduction and develop his ear for the language. I would prefer native speakers.


What are your experiences with language software?



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My 6yo is doing well with Learnables Spanish and is enjoying it. I find that the lessons stick better with me than those in Rosetta Stone. The simple narrative stories make it more interesting and easier to follow. Only two modules of The Learnables are on computer though -- Spanish Level 1 (comprising 1/2 of Level 1 along with Basic Structures) and Level 2 Grammar Enhancement. Presumably, all the listening books are being adapted to CD-ROM. The student needs to be able to read to do Basic Structures.


If you're willing to look at other formats, both my 6yo (then 5) and 3.5yo picked up a surprising amount of Spanish from DVD based Puertas Abiertas. It's unfortunate that Level 2 isn't out yet (Level 1 only gets you halfway through the alphabet), but I highly recommend it anyway.

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