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Life after CLE LA level 7

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We switched to CLE for LA last year. This year my son is doing level 7.


It's thorough, challenging, and I feel like we are becoming masters at dissecting sentences. It's also very tedious and eats up a lot of time. I am committed to getting through it this year, but next year I feel like I need more time for Literature and Writing.


So, where do you go after LA7? If you continued on with Level 8, what did you do (or what do you plan to do) for High School?


I went to a private high school and took honor's classes, and I never had this much grammar instruction. I think it's wonderful to get such a solid foundation, but I think we are going to need to move on next year.



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We skipped CLE 7 and DD13 is doing CLE English 1 instead. It's the ninth grade level and focuses on grammar. In high school, CLE English courses alternate between grammar and literature. So there are two years of grammar for high school (of which English 1 is the first).


My thinking: DD13 can do one or two lessons per week in order not to lose the skills she has gained (she needs constant review, or she forgets). It's not too much work when done only periodically, but it is thorough and keeps the material fresh in her mind. We won't use the CLE literature, because we have something else for that. English 1 is fine to use after level 700. She's not missing out on whatever they taught in level 800. CLE reviews everything anyway, so she will have exposure to any concepts she may have skipped. Grammar will not account for a large portion of her high school English credits. We are mainly doing it because she worked so hard over the years to learn the material, and we don't want her to forget it now.

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