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I have a couple questions for anyone who is LDS...(re: mission farewell)

Hikin' Mama

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I am not LDS, but have been invited to a mission farewell. I will be going to a Sacrament Meeting (I think that is what she called it) and then to a family gathering after that.


So that I don't look completely out of place: what happens at Sacrament Meeting and how should I dress? Also, do people bring gifts/cards to the future missionary? If so, what is appropriate?


I'm well acquainted with the family, so the gathering after will be fun. :)


Thank you!

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Women nearly always wear a dress or skirt to sacrament meeting. I wear pants, but when I do, I'm usually the only one wearing them. Generally the skirts are knee length and no sleeveless tops.

They'll start with announcements, a song, and prayer, then a few more announcements/administrative stuff. After that we take the sacrament (communion) when teenage boys will bring bread and water to your pew. You are welcome to take some but you do not have to- you can just shake your head and the teenage boys will be used to that. Then there will be a few speakers with your missionary speaking last (and hopefully the other speakers will leave enough time for her or his talk!). Then another song and prayer and sacrament meeting is over.

A card would be nice but is completely not necessary. A gift is probably not a good idea since s/he will be living out of a suitcase for the next 18 months to 2 years. A gift will certainly not be expected and a card wouldn't be either, but a card would be appreciated.

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Generally the skirts are knee length and no sleeveless tops.


I live in TX.  It is hot here, so it may be different elsewhere.  There are a few women in our ward (congregation) who wear sleeveless tops regularly.  Dress nicely, whatever nicely is for you.  My daughter's friend came to church with us recently.  She is LDS, but they don't go to church.  The friend wore nice jeans.  No one batted an eyelash (at least to her - if they did in their heads that's their problem).


I've never taken anything to a missionary farewell.

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