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Which Ronit Bird book do I want?

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Dyscalculia Toolkit or Overcoming Difficulties with Number?  I'm ordering tomorrow.


DD is 12 years old, can't count backwards at all or subitize above 2.  She has to "process" math facts like 6+0.  (She gets the answer right but it's nowhere near automatic)  Her working memory is low (low 70s, digit span: 3) and her processing speed is molasses (low 60s).


She has muddled through math s l o w l y over the years and is working at a late 3rd/early 4th grade level, sort of.  I say "sort of" because that level is definitely pushing the outer limits of her ability.  She has significant gaps in her math foundation that I'm just now discovering :(  so I think it's important to start at the very, very beginning.    


So, which book?  Do they cover a lot of the same ground or would I benefit from having both?  Also, how important is the Resource book?



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I wouldn't get either.  Get RB's Dots ebook.  It's under $10 on iTunes, and it will walk you through things in a way that makes sense.  THEN see how that goes and decide what you need next. 


If you don't have access to a product that can do iBooks, can you borrow?  Even if you have to go to some effort, it would be worth it.  The three iBooks together are roughly equivalent to Toolkit, but she added videos, rearranged presentation, and just made it easier to use.  Her advice in general is to do the three iBooks and then go into Overcoming.  I have all three of the print books btw and like them. I use the iBooks (we're in C-Rods right now) for our daily progression, and I supplementing with activities from Resource.

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I wish :(  I don't have an ipad or iphone or access to one.  I have a pc, a Sony Tablet, a Kindle Fire and an android smart phone.


Are the activities in the iBooks also covered in the print books?  

Well, essentially they are, but the print is really small and the books are not nearly as easy to use as the e-books.  They are great, don't get me wrong.  They just are not nearly as user friendly as the other format.


Any chance you might be able to purchase a used I-Pad for cheap somewhere?

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I *think* they just announced that something about the iBooks software from apple FINALLY being able to output books in a more neutral format so that they would upload to other businesses.  I think that's what I read.  I know that's totally, totally frustrating.  Is there *any* budget to get even an older ipad?  Borrow once a week?  Like we had someone on here who found a friend/relative she could go see once a week to make it work.  I use an ipad 3 and it runs them fine.  I doubt an ipad 3 is worth much anymore, and an ipad2 would probably also run them fine.  


I totally agree with OneStep.  Your dd is starting at a low enough point that you're going to find the ebooks MUCH easier to use.  They have videos, complete explanations, and yes expand on the concepts in Toolkit.  If you cannot, cannot get something to use the ibook version, then get Toolkit.  But Toolkit is $50 (ish).  If you can get some kind of ipad anything (or a phone or a whatever) for $150 (dunno, haven't been looking lately), then maybe...  Sorry to spend your money there.


I'm looking at them on ebay, and you actually can get into an ipad 3 for $150-200.  


Maybe we can figure out what that scoop was, if it was an ibooks update or what, and see if RB will export her books that way to go onto amazon or whatever.  That would be really nice.  Can kindle books support embedded video and the things ibooks do?

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If you were near me, I'd let you come see my stuff.   :)


Oh, I've got it!!  Sell the Sony!!   :lol: 


You'll be fine, whatever you do.  Heathermomster used only the print books, and she survived.   :)

DS also knew his add/subtraction facts through 20 when we used the RB's Overcoming


OP, I agree with OhE that you need the e-book first.  

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Shiny, if you combine the $50 from the print book plus maybe $100 from selling the Sony tablet, would that get you an ipad?  If you combine the $50 your dh was planning on spending on you for Christmas plus the $50 from the print book plus $50 from your mother, would that get you an ipad?  You'll be THAT much happier if you go that route.  


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