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I'm going through the Data Science Specialization at Coursera :


The courses are tough and fast-paced, but I thought the second one on R Programming would be good for ds as he goes through statistics.  Many of the college textbooks on statistics use R for their examples now.

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The Practice of Statistics - AP text, library usually have more than one copy

I agree that The Practice of Statistics is a good text for high school, either with or without the AP test.  I also agree that R would be highly useful -- it's used a lot in colleges and the working work, at least in science, engineering, and data analysis, and it's free, but I don't have any recommendations for a way to learn it.  There are lots of tutorials on using R, but I don't know where to begin (I haven't heard a lot of good things about the Coursera R course and it's $49).


Does anyone know of a good tutorial for a high school student to get going with R alongside a statistics course?  Thanks!

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