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Girls - Sports Team - Appropriate Dress Wear?


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My boys wore dress shirts and ties to school the day of a game, often with jeans, sometimes with slacks.. The girls were told to dress up, too (or so I'm told).

I'm thinking a variation of this:


For our location, that would be fine.


ETA: Or this:


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Swimmers usually wear easy pull on pants and a zip up jacket. I guess volleyball players do too. Why do girls play volleyball in basically a gym leotard anyway? Oh, gymnasts wear the team suit too under a sweatsuit. Those usually are issued as part of the uniform, right?


When are we talking? What age? Running from the house to the car to the soccer field or all day long in school with a game that night?

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To school the day of the game, grade 8. They have shop class and PE that day, which makes it silly, but whatever. Last year's outgrown skort with knee-high boots is not an option I'm currently accepting.  :glare:

Are there any instructions?



When dd was in private school, they were all supposed to wear dresses/skirts the day of volleyball games. it was especially important to arrive at away games dressed up.  It was important enough for her school that dd had to get over her disdain of dresses/skirts and wear them on game days. If anyone was not wearing a skirt, it stood out but they tried to just dress as nice as possible. (Definitely chinos or slacks and not jeans).


As a cheerleader, it has always been a certain cheer shirt and jeans/pants (both private and public).



As a swimmer in public school, there were no dress codes before meets.  When ds was on a very competitive private team, they all had matching warm-ups to wear to meets in the fall/winter.  In the summer they just wore whatever they wanted.

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