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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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My Sunday is just about over.


We did school, grocery shopping, housework, a little bit of gardening and even I cooked! I'm just about to sit myself down to a bit of self ed reading since dd is playing outside and we're having left overs from lunch for dinner.


This is probably the most productive and low stress day we've had in ages. There's something to be said for having days where we don't have to leave town.


I also have plans to watch Dr Who when dd goes to bed.


A happy Sunday to the rest of you. :)


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Ds' choir is singing at the late service, so we have a slower monring here than usual. Nice.


Sunday school, worship, lunch (My mom is coming to see Ds sing and for lunch.)

relax in the afternoon, read, school prep

make sure piano practice happens

take a walk?




Watch Nature on tv with kids.

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Good morning! The kids and I went to Mass last night and Dh is singing this morning, so it is quiet here. We are not doing much today. Watch some football, general puttering until the afternoon. Then Dh and I will drive out to the town we are considering moving to....seems unlikely, but maybe. From there to the airport to pick up dd1. We haven't heard a peep from her all weekend. I hope she had fun.


Then home to take ds2 to youth group and watch the Broncos!


Have a great day!

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Been working and spaceing out all day.  Almost done with item #1 on my to-do list.


My sister came over and picked up some stuff I've been saving to pass down to her kids.


My kids went shopping with an auntie so I can work.


I really need to get stuff going so I don't end up awake all night.  Ugh.  I'm preparing for a conference call tomorrow morning and ya know how that thrills me.  :/

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