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What type of gift would librarians appreciate?


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DD18 just stopped volunteering at our local library branch, an activity that she has done since she was 14.  Her new college schedule is taking more time and she was having trouble squeezing in her usual library time.


She would like to thank the librarians with a small gift for everything they do and show her appreciation for their friendship since she has been volunteering there.


Ideas?  I'm thinking something consumable because no one needs more bric-a-brac.  Something that all the library staff could share.  Immediately thought of a basket of cookies or candies but not knowing of any potential dietary preferences makes it hard to be sure it would appreciated.



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Because they know her, some kind of homemade food item would be lovely and greatly appreciated.


I worked at our library for years.  We had a few of our teen girl volunteers bring us homemade cookies, and it was so very touching and sweet--enough so that I still remember how touched I was!


You can't worry about potential dietary restrictions.  It is a wonderful and thoughtful gesture.



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Excellent ideas, all.  I like the idea of combining some of them: homemade pumpkin bread with a selection of teas or homemade cookies and a bowl of fruit.  That way, if someone couldn't consume one item, the other would probably be ok.  I'll bounce them off DD and see what she wants to do.  We've already discussed writing a nice personal letter for the main volunteer coordinator.

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