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Survived the first week of school!

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So we started back 2 weeks late (school normally starts 1st week of September here) but as we had a 2 week vacation to France that time last year, I didn't think it would be a problem. I did originally plan to carry on through the summer but as  I had to do a lot of extra shifts at work (staff sickness) and then we moved house, that just didn't happen. No school work has been done since late June and I was majorly worried that this week was going to be hard work.


It's been great though, and I'm quite pleasantly surprised. All lessons and assignments for the week completed by 11.30am, Friday morning. The kids both got their prizes ( a minecraft-themed coloring book each) and have been happily colouring away while watching a movie ever since. Only a few slight wobbles (mainly DD as ever, over Math) but on the whole they have both been compliant and eager to knuckle down each day.


Biggest issue so far has been that we are just not getting started on time each morning. Mostly its been sometime between 9-10 when really we should start by 8.30am. This week it didn't matter too much as we only did our 'Block 1' subjects- Maths, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Literature and violin practise. So they were easily all done by lunchtime, despite the slow start.

Next week I'll be adding in 'Block 2' and these are the subjects that we have never managed to do consistently (or at all) in the past.


We should have enough time to fit them all in though, before I leave for work at 2.30pm each day and the kids seemed keen when I've shown them what we will be studying this year, so fingers crossed.......

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