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PSA: Amazon Prime $67

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I'm sure most of you know already, but Amazon Prime is $67, today only, in celebration of their Emmy win for Transparent.  I had let my membership go when it went up to $99.  Not having Prime has saved me so much money,like around $1000 last year on what I didn't buy, but I've hated not having it. Oh well, looking forward to being broke but having lots of new books! (and other random stuff I don't need).





*The kids and I discuss which company we think will end up ruling the world: Amazon, Apple, or Google.  My vote is Amazon, they have more stuff.



*ETA: Sorry forgot to mention, new members only.  So I just used a different email and made a new account.  Also a lot of people online are saying that if you contact Amazon and complain that you recently paid $99 then they'll refund you the difference.


ETA: some people are also finding that if you were a member but are not currently a member than it still counts as a new member.  Check your cart and make sure the price is right.

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I don't know how to copy a link with my Kindle, but I read somewhere else this morning that if you are already a member you could gift it to yourself and when your membership runs out you could cash in your gift certificate.


I only read that somewhere this morning, so I don't know if it works. We became new members today, so I didn't have to try it.

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My Amazon page still has the offer in the top banner.  Sadly, I already had prime in the past, and stopped, so I'm not new!  Rats.  Oh well.


I discontinued my Prime membership in early August, and Amazon was happy enough to let me be a 'new' member again when I signed up a little while ago without having to jump through any hoops (used the exact account I was a member with less than two months ago). By 'new', they simply seem to mean 'not currently a member'.


I was contemplating signing up again anyway, since I didn't realize they'd increased the "free shipping" requirements for non-members from $25 to $35 (so I was buying more random stuff in order to get to $35... the difference between $25 and $35 is bigger than it seems). And I checked out Great Lake Erie from the library here for local history/geography, which the kids really liked, but our library system turns out not to have the other lakes (not even Lake Ontario, even though that's really close as well... today I drove 45 min north and hiked through a state park and let the kids play on the beach of Lake Ontario), which I can rent from Amazon for $1.99 each, or free if I have Prime, and, etc. I'm afraid Prime is a must for me. :(

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That's a good deal! We already get the student rate of $49 per year because DH is a graduate student. Even at full price, Prime is fantastic for people who live in areas in which the only convenient place to buy anything is Walmart. I would pay full price for Prime in a heartbeat if I had to. Totally worth it for us. 

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