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Shy young adults and jobs?

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Suggestions for a young adult who is looking for a job?


His academic credentials are super-strong, but he just can't interview.


Suggestions would be REALLY welcome!

Sure, he can.

Practice makes perfect.  Let him interview with you first.  Be tough, asking likely questions, or even harder than likely.  Stop and correct posture, fidgeting, um's and all that.  Try again.  Ask him to talk about his credentials and how they relate to the job, and what he brings to the table. 


Do this for a few days off and on.   Then have him interview with a family friend or some other trusted adult - not a parent.



Then maybe a third.



He will be fine.  He's going to have to do it.  Might as well get over the initial tries now when the stakes aren't high. 



Ahhh. I see that I am late and he already got the job!  Congratulations! 

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