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'Sub Tub' for a co-op-- what to put in it


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I've discovered a need to have emergency substitute teacher activities at our co-op.  I would like to create a sub tub that any mom can pick up and keep kids busy for an hour.  I would do one for K-2nd then one for 3-5th.  What would you suggest to put in there?


Could you have each teacher develop a one lesson emergency bag for each class?  When I taught at co-op, each teaching parent had to have a designated sub and agreed to supply the sub with a lesson plan in the event that the teacher was unable to make it to co-op.  That way, co-op organizers didn't have to scramble and the kids didn't miss out.


For what you are describing, I'd have each teacher put together game instructions, review activities, a movie or audio, a related art project or whatever that could be done by anyone.  I would ask that whatever was planned was related to the topics being studied - so, if the grades K-2 had a Five in a Row class, it could be a couple of arty activities that related to a book they had already covered in class.  Or if it was for a grades 3 - 5 geography class, maybe a set of review terms and some instructions for playing Jeopardy.  Each emergency lesson plan could go into a labelled ziplock bag.  Materials that could be used by any class (art supplies, etc) could be shared in the tub.  As a co-op teacher, I'd want the sub to be doing something that helped enrich the students' understanding of what they were studying rather than just fill the time.

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Another idea...

Depending on the number of kids, some kind of service project. Making cards to send to soldiers or for a nursing home. Decorating place mats to be used at a shelter or nursing home. When we've done place mats we start with paper place mats from restaurant supply. There are usually different colors to choose from.

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For the younger class, I would have a picture book or two on a theme, and I'd have a craft project to go along with the theme.


Play dough if you have space where that will work.


Art supplies are always helpful.


You could have a picture study packet. You'd need several copies of a print (about one for every two children), some notes about it (easy to follow ones, so a teacher could pick it up that day and read the notes quickly to get an idea of what was special about it), and for the older class, a simple notebooking sheet where they could write the title, date, and their own observations or tell a little story related to the theme of the picture. Optional: picture book about the artist. The same thing could work with a composer too if you have a CD and player.

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Colored pencils and sharpeners or watercolor sets and supplies and cool detailed coloring pages. I think Dover still allows copying for classrooms. If watercolors I'd copy onto cardstock.


A radio drama or other audio if there is always a player available.


Instructions for games.


Ah!  Those detailed coloring pages are a great idea!

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I'm assuming a regular substitute would teach the planned lesson.


*Emergency* substitute sounds like something for a situation that arises at the last second and someone is jumping in as the kids arrive, kwim?


For emergency use I think it's important that it really can be used on the fly.


Yes, this.  We have both paid teachers and volunteer moms.  Very occasionally, something happens in route to co-op, like a car accident or a sudden illness.  We need any mom to be able to grab something to keep kids busy until the next class.

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