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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good Morning :)


Hope you don't mind if I jump in here...


Morning Readings

Dentist Appointment

1/2 day of lessons that 15yo is going to help with (they get Pizza Hut when I get back from dentist if they have this done without me today)

Clean kitchen

Hopefully go out to dinner, since today is my anniversary

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stay home all day and get stuff done.


This is pretty much my goal today, as well. Yesterday, the doctor's appts messed the rest of the day up and very little school was done.



Exercise - done!

Shower - done!

Breakfast - done!

Write check and unlock gate for lawn service - done!

Strain turkey broth and set aside in fridge for dinner tonight - 

School - 

Declutter for housecleaners who are coming tomorrow - 

Cut kids' nails - 

Trim the bangs of the littlest - 

Make hair appointments - 

goLite - 

Pay bills - 

Look over budget - 

Make small shopping list - 

Dinner - turkey sandwiches, potato soup

Get milk and bread - 


Have a great day!

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  • Get the kids up and out to school.  [done]

Clean bathroom and kitchen and some clutter.  [done]

Some organizing.  [done]

Some exercise.  [done]

Deal with construction guys.

Update kids' calendar.

Some reading??


Pay bills.

Kids' work.


Kids to scouts.  Bring checkbook!!  Work at scouts.

More kids' work?

Kids to bed.


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hi all-

dh is travelling until sunday, and today i dropped the kids off at their project school as they are going on an overnight scuba trip til tomorrow night. So i am alone until tomorrow night. I have therapy today and a massage (hooray) for my bad hip, and might go to yoga or just relax at home afterwards.


1. clean kitchen

2. laundry

3. vacuum

4. tidy

5. call ins company re copay

6. train kippy


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Good morning

- school work

- dishes- done

- tidy house- done

- clean off the kitchen counter from the stove to the fridge so dh can tear all that a part tonight- done

- get dd1 off bus- done

- soccer practice- done

- dinner- subs, coleslaw and something else, I might make a pasta salad that has to be cold because dh is going to shut off the kitchen water supply tonight. - done

- help dd1 with any school work- just spelling words

- have dd1 write her spelling words and play a game with them- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- done

- anything else I get done- load of laundry in washer

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stay home all day and get stuff done.



:hurray:  :hurray:  :hurray:


I need a day or two like this. Being out and around is eating my lunch on keeping home organized.

I need to clean out closets, do yardwork, make phone calls and do paperwork but lack the periods of uninterrupted time at home to do these things. 


My list for today: 

figure out how to get some time for larger projects!



piano lessons




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Ugh this construction stuff.  The boss guy is mad because due to mistakes and delays, he supposedly lost money on this deal.  So he is taking it out on us, partly by "forgetting" to do stuff, and partly by screaming into the phone every time we tell him or his guys that they need to fix something they screwed up.


So at least an hour of my time and another homeowner's time was wasted on this today, so far, and now I'm "in charge" of making sure the guy finishes everything on the "fix it" list before he leaves.  Which, what am I supposed to do about it if he decides to leave without finishing it?  Chain him up?


I think I'd rather chop my toe off than do another home construction project.


They are now saying the final inspection and payment will be tomorrow at 11am.  I'm not holding my breath.


PS don't ever tell me guys don't do drama.

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So the construction guy quietly left without saying goodbye and without finishing the work we talked about.  Since the garage is open and their equipment is sitting out there, I hope he is only taking a lunch.  :/


I am gonna catch heat for letting him get away without checking in.  :/


I am not willing to stand out there with a whip to make sure people do what they say they will do.


As for not paying, I agree, but the screamer has threatened to drag it out for 6 more months if we give him a hard time.  :/

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School is done.  

A nap is done.  I'm still really tired and achy but hopefully the nap did a bit to recharge the batteries even if I don't really feel it yet.


Now I need to focus on stuff around the house.  Except that I'm achy and tired and not as motivated as I am with doing school.  OK - I'm going to focus on getting meat thawing for dinner.  And with doing some laundry.  

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Dd does NOT have a dairy allergy :party: She's just superduper lactose intolerant :lol:


(She tested slightly allergic to corn, rye, almonds, walnuts, dogs, birch trees, and very allergic to one type of grass. Blood testing will be done tomorrow (?) to see if she is allergic to coconut (had a reaction while at camp this summer) which could not be tested via skin prick.)

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