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Template for student ID or report card?


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Our state fair is soon and my kids can get 1/2 off admission one day with a student ID or report card.  My college students are set.  But my high schooler, not so much.  There aren't' a lot of student discounts for high school around here so I've never made student ID's.  I do transcripts and that's enough so I've never done a report card either.  I don't know if they would take a transcript.  It says 




presenting their school identification or recent (2015) report card


I figure someone must have a template for one or the other.  :-)





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This doesn't answer your question about templates, but we have used international student cards before which you can get online.  They're mostly good for traveling abroad (you can get lots of discounts), but they can be proof of school status anywhere.  When we last got them, there were several sites to choose from (some are more well-known than others), and they cost us about $25.  Some of them work more easily with homeschoolers too.  (They accepted our homemade homeschool report card no questions asked.)  They send you a regular card in the mail, but you can also print one immediately at home. 


This is the one we have always used.  I see they are having a sale on them right now, $19.50.




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