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onlineg3 Lightning Literature users?

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Has anyone used the Lightning Literature 8 course through onlineg3?   I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts you may have.


I am trying to transition my dd into online classes.   We're using LL7 this year, and it's fine.   She's 12, and I don't know that she's "gifted".   She's certainly not below average, and language arts is a particularly strong subject for her. 


I would specifically like to know how young the other kids in the class tend to be, and if the online class handles all of the correcting of work etc?



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My dd did not start homeschooling until 8th grade, age 13.  She took Lightning Lit American Literature that year from Online G3 and was by far the oldest student.  She said some kids were 9 and it did bother her a little, but it was a great class. They bring in lots of other materials, like videos, etc and the discussions are good.  There is not usually not much writing in these classes.  They have reading assignments, discussion on forums, quizlet, etc.  I don't think there is much correction of work. My ds, 11, is taking Grammar Town right now.  He doesn't mind the mix of ages of the kids., and again, like his sister, loves the class.


Hope that helps.



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They use the book. There's no quizlet, but there are additional resources such as short videos or presentations (there's a checklist of about 7 things students have to complete per class, such as read this, watch that, post this on message boards).

What I meant is, there is no assessment as such (though I see they've added an optional writing component to some classes). It's not like our current WTMA classes, for example, where I know exactly where he stands due to weekly quizzes or assessments. So I've no idea what my DS retains, but he loves these classes so we are always in one, including summer.

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She will definitely be one of the oldest (my kids have been/will be 9 when they take it, and I think most are 9-10), but many kids would be fine with that, and the other kids don't care. But I wanted to mention that they only offer LL8 second semester, so if she is finishing LL7 (which G3 offers first semester) now, she would have to wait a semester to take LL8.

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