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Fiction Book Suggestions for Nonfiction lover


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My girl would only read non-fiction for a while. For fiction, she loves historical fictional, contemporary fiction, science-based fiction, and some that are just on this side of "fantasy/magic but in the real world" but she doesn't like things that are fantasy, sci fi, etc.


Some of her favorites over the years:

- Any books by Wendy Mass 

- Out of My Mind

- Wonder

- Rules

- Fish in a Tree

- Fourteenth Goldfish

- Half a Chance

- Calpurnia Tate (2 book series)

- George's Secret Key to the Universe -- yes, sorry, I knew it was a series; I just neglected to mention it

- Hope is Ferris Wheel

- Most any books by Lisa Graft

- Books by Andrew Clement

- Meaning of Maggie

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I need some book suggestions! What are some middle grade (between 4th and 7th grade reading levels) fiction books (bonus points for book series) for kids who LOVE nonfiction? And.....GO!


What kind of non-fiction do they esp. like? Biography? History? Science? Tech? How-to manuals? Knowing that will make it easier to come up with "bridge" or "transition" works of fiction, as deerforest suggests was the case for her DD.


A few ideas of realistic survival stories, until we know more what your students have liked non-fiction-wise:


- The Cay (Taylor)

- My Side of the Mountain (George) -- and sequels

- Island of the Blue Dolphins (O'Dell)

- Heart of a Samurai (Preus) -- or -- Born in the Year of Courage (Crofford) -- both are fictionalized biographies of the same shipwreck survivor

- Hatchet (Paulsen) -- and sequels

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George and the Secret Key to the Universe has two sequels


Uncle Albert series, Russell Stannard

Nick and Tesla series, Bob Pflugfleder

Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms, Lissa Evans (and sequel)

Racing the Moon, Alan Armstrong

Yes, George and the Secret Key to the Universe and sequels, as well as the Uncle Albert series would be my recommends as well!

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Nick of Time was a hit around here--higher reading level

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Key to the Treasure is an easier book that we have that all my kids have enjoyed.


I guess I'm picking mysteries today!


My kids got into fiction after a period where they only read non-fiction as well.  They seemed particularly frustrated with the format of fiction books.  Like starting in the middle of a story and there being a lot of confusion about who said what and what was going on.  They weren't tolerant of waiting for the story to be revealed.  It's just not like that in non-fiction.  Stories are told from the beginning and details are revealed one at a time in a very linear order.  I helped them read fiction by comparing it to drawing a picture.  We listed what we know/what we don't know when we read a chapter. It helped a bit.  Just an idea!  Happy book shopping!



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Guardians of Ga'Hoole series (4th grade) - DS was totally into the facts about owls woven throughout and tore through the series


Wolves of the Beyond series (4th/5th grade) - this is the follow-on series to Ga'Hoole. Both great for kids who love animals and animal facts


Frank Einstein (4th grade) - I think there are 3 of these now, fiction but each focused on a different science area - these were pure fun reads for DS and he goes back to them often


Phantom Tollbooth (5th/6th grade)


Number Devil (5th/6th grade)


I also second Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms and its sequel.


A Wrinkle in Time if there's interest in science fantasy.


Have Spacesuit Will Travel and Robert Heinlein's other junior novels if there's interest in sci fi.

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He specifically loves math, science, racing, facts/figures, etc.  Thanks for all of the tips so far!


Loves Math, science, facts, figures: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch  <== Amazing book!

Loves science: Frank Einstein series (for fun!)

Loves racing: Riders of the Pony Express (Not car racing, but a race of the first Pony Express riders) and By the Great Horn Spoon (Has a race of ships from New York to San Francisco during the first third of the book)

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