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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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spent most of the day dodging showers of rain while trying to create the new massive strawberry garden. It is tricky with twins following me every step, tumbling over just planted plants and getting in the way of the wheelbarrow as I am pushing it But we are half way done! :coolgleamA:



Case manager visited the other week and said I am looking frazzled. They are going to fund  someone to clean for an hour or so  each week as I am spending such a huge amount of time either doing therapy with twins or taking them to specialists . :hurray:    I have put an add in the paper, which comes out tomorrow. Hope someone applies.

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I would like to start by getting up early and doing some work before anyone else gets up.  To make up for not being very productive today.


But since its past 3am already, I don't know ... probably not!


I'll try to do the list tomorrow, I need to go to bed now.  :)

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Good morning!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats

1st cup of coffee


To Do:

more coffee


shower and dress

take ds to dentist appointment

vacuum/sweep main living areas 


book club 




go to church to read the bible aloud-- Our church is reading the bible through aloud in our sanctuary 24 hours a day this week leading up to our missions conference. We signed up as a family for the 9PM hour.


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Good morning! Jean, have fun at the fair!


Exercise - done!

Shower - done!

Breakfast - done!

Bible time - done!

Feed kids breakfast - done!

Print out daily assignments - done!

School - done!

Request books for next week from library - done!

10k steps - 

Dinner (leftovers! yay!) - 

Writing - 

Reading - 

Refill thyroid med - done!

Bike ride with kids - done!

Get turkey breast ready for crockpot for tomorrow - 

goLite - done!


Have a great day, everyone!

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Good Morning....I have no motivation to do anything today....it's gloomy out and I just want to sit in my pj's and read all day. 


To do:

the usual tidy of the house and put stuff away


online intensive 4-5:30

book club online at 9pm

cook, eat and clean up...wish we didn't need to eat so much! 


Have a good day! 

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Got up late, so no early morning work.  ;)  Now I wish I could go back to bed, but people are here and will probably want to get into my room again.


Today is supposedly the final day of construction, for inspection tomorrow.  Though I don't know.  I've heard that before.  There still seems to be a lot to do.


Today's tentative list:

  • Kids up and off to the school bus.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom.  [done]
  • Work.
  • Kids' work.
  • Mail some bills and checks.
  • Kids to high school soccer game?  Their team was invited to participate in the halftime show.
  • More kids' work?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Good morning

- school work- did all 3 classes initial discussion responses., finished statistics review that I wasn't able to finish Sunday night (professor gave me an extension), did one section of statistics notes

- dishes- done

- laundry- load in dryer

- tidy house- round 2 done

- get dd1 off bus- done

- help with any of her school work- done

- dinner- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- done

- anything else I get done- checked all delivered boxes, only three things left to be delivered from Home Depot- lamp for girls room and sanding block (will be here tomorrow) and dishwasher which will be here Friday :) put address numbers on trash can

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Hi all.

DH leaves for europe at 4 today, so just trying to stay calm while he gets himself ready. 


1. call body shop and cancel

2. call dentist for kids

3. call therapist and make appt

4. work out--light yoga

5. dinner

6. homeschool--finished at 6pm!!!! omgosh! ds13 NEEDS TO START EARLIER than 10 am!!!

7. online classes for both kids

8. pay scuba fee

9. confirm parking ticket payment cleared

10. train kippy

11. fold laundry

12. dishes

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School is almost done. Ds needs to do history and dd is going to make the dough for our cuneform cookies.

FT sign up is done.

laundry is done, but not folded.

yardwork, SIGH

tickets not ordered yet, because I am waiting on my MIL, who is the funding source, to ok the purchase.

library - on the way when we go to get the veggies


forgot the library

punted on the yardwork and made cookie dough with Dd instead

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--updated wills, POAs, medical things, and trusts w our lawyer (who is a friend :))

--daily and Tuesday things

--dd to/from Arabic

--gym while she was at class

--as part of dd's college search, wrote a short list of things for her to research (specific to her needs and interests) on the websites of eight schools


Still ahead:

--continue bio lab w dd (three days!)


--so many more emails

--bits of paperwork

--continue working on my portion of dd's summer program application

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I know this is going to be a shock, but ... there isn't going to be an inspection tomorrow (on the construction) after all.  :/


I have a long list of small things they have to fix / complete before they can be done.


I have to say that I am surprised by the level of workmanship on this job.  Maybe all these people are half blind or something.  They are nice people, so I hate to complain, but we're paying a lot and we expect the place to look nice.  Stain the woodwork evenly.  Use the same paint on the whole wall.  Extend the baseboards to the end of the wall.  Make sure the doors open and close properly.  The counter should be level, not a half inch lower on one side.  Ya know?


We went to the high school girls' soccer game.  The girls did get to go out on the field, before the game, not at halftime.  They hung with their team socially the rest of the time.  A brief window into the future I suppose.  Good stuff.

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