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Interesting articles on DE classes from the American Historical Association

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Interesting.  I wish the contributors had been consistent with terminology.  The detractors seemed to think that Dual Enrollment means a college-like class taken by high school students at a high school or a special section of a college class for high school students taught differently than a regular college class section.  While our high school does offer a few classes like this, I know that they are not universally accepted for college credit.  Most of the colleges we talked to were pleased to see that, by specifying Dual Enrollment, we actually meant that my kids took college classes at the college in the same section as other college students.  There was no special training to the staff.  The professors, for the most part, had no idea that my kids were high school students.  They were not treated differently.  It only came up in context of my kids not living on campus if there were group projects.  This meshed beautifully with our homeschool as we had more flexible schedules.  But, I could see that this would be more difficult logistically for traditionally schooled students.  But, it has been done.  We've met several kids who went to high school in the morning and took college classes in the afternoons. 

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Thanks for linking those articles. I have been contemplating the rise of DE courses in schools around me. As I am researching high schools for my youngest, it seems that the schools around me (a medium-poor district) are not offering AP options and going with a variety of DE classes. In my area, it seems that schools with high ACT scores are offering AP classes and schools with considerably lower scores are offering DE classes. I am not convinced that so many kids are really ready for college classes in high school nor am I convinced that DE classes taught on the high school campuses with high school instructors are always equivalent to college classes.


In my own mind, if I am going to send my ds3 to high school, but he is taking a bunch of classes at the cc, maybe I should just keep the benefits of being home and send him to cc on his own.

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