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What questions to ask department advisers?


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DD met with an adviser at a large out-of-state university last week - the person who is the adviser for the specific degree (within engineering) she is most interested in at the moment. She had an appointment and had a list of questions with her.


She said it was remarkably awkward. DD, although introverted, doesn't usually have any awkwardness while talking to people (especially if she has a list of questions she wants to ask with her!). The woman just sat looking at her and when dd asked her questions, the woman would sigh or huff slightly. Once, dd is pretty sure she rolled her eyes at one of her questions. :mellow:  DD said she felt like she was an enormous inconvenience on this woman's day and she couldn't get out of there quickly enough. DD said the woman sat there, pursed lips, and didn't volunteer any information. If dd asked a *specific* question... she would answer that *specific* question and not elaborate any further.


DD is juggling a decision between two vastly different majors and had hoped that meeting with this woman would give her a clearer picture of one of them. It DID - but probably not in the best way! lol!


DD said she left with the impression that the woman was used to meeting with parents... but I told her that can't be right - the advisers are there to advise the students... NOT the parents. So....


What gives? What questions should a prospective student ASK an adviser? What is an adviser's purpose in relation to a prospective student (vs. a current/enrolled student)?


I have a hypothesis to this woman's attitude... but wanted to ask the questions-question here first to make sure dd's questions weren't as absurd as this woman seemed to think they were. :D If dd's questions were way off-base, or if OUR idea of an adviser's purpose is way off-base, then we'll need to fix that before her next meeting. 

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