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I have made both a teacher account for myself and a student account for my daughter. My teacher account has not yet been approved even though I made it several days ago and it was supposed to be approved within 12 business hours.


I thought I'd share a few things that concerned me. As I was poking around on my daughter's account, when I clicked on the Connections button (the button with people's heads to the left of the student profile button, I found that they had automatically connected her with five total strangers who could see her portfolio, scholarship awards, and colleges she was following. I think this happened because there is a setting to automatically connect to guidance counselors from one's school, and we had registered as "Home School" (and there are 354 kids registered and counting under that school name). So I think some people who had signed up as counselors under "Home School" got automatically connected. I clicked on "Remove Connection" for each of them, and then found that under "Account Settings" (click on the student profile button at the top right), under "Privacy", you can un-check the box that says to connect you automatically.


Tonight another counselor appeared as having requested to be connected, but it is no longer connecting automatically.


Another thing is the personal information--I had indicated ethnicity but then decided I wanted to remove that information. I could not remove it. Even if I de-selected the choices and hit "Save", they would simply reappear.


Finally, I am not sure what I think of "following" colleges because the followed college can see the student's information and I am wondering if there may be reasons I may not want them to see that information at this point. You can see what scholarship awards each college gives without following them (and they vary considerably in generosity), but you can't start "earning" without following colleges.


Also, the website does state clearly that if the student receives other grant aid from the college that is more than the amount earned on Raise.me, the Raise.me money will be considered to be included in that amount; it will not be added to it. So Raise.me would only be useful if the amount of scholarships earned was more than what the college would have given you otherwise.


I am keeping the account for the moment but may delete it at some point. The Terms of Service (or somewhere on the website) say that if you delete your account but a college has already downloaded your information, the college will still have access to the information. So I haven't decided yet whether to actually "follow" any colleges at this point. The site does not ask for social security numbers, but it does ask for birthdates and contact information. I originally left off the ethnicity information and it accepted the page without it, but then later I added it in and after that could not remove it.


Anyway, if your student has signed up, I would recommend at least checking the Connections link to disconnect from any "home school counselors" that you don't actually know, and un-checking the box to connect automatically with counselors.

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