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Which Beachbody workout for me?


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I'm thinking of trying one but am overwhelmed with the choices. I've been exercising for about 6 months now 5/6 times a week. I think I'm in okay shape, but still 20 lbs or so overweight after losing 50. My knees used to hurt but are better since losing the weight.


I'm not a fan of just cardio or dance type stuff. I'd rather do a HIIT workout or cardio combined with strength. Other DVDs I like are the biggest loser, Jillian Michaels/Bob Harper, and the Firm series. I'm not a fan of Billy Blank or anybody screaming at me. My goals are to maintain or lose a bit more, build muscle and tone up.


Which one would I like? Thx!

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I agree that Insanity is awesome, but I think you will be irritated with it since you say you don't like cardio. It's a lot of cardio, and it is pretty repetitive. That being said, it is one of my absolute favorites.


It sounds like P90X might be for you. You don't do nearly as much cardio, but you do a lot of strength training. Tony Horton does not scream. I find him very encouraging, and just dorky enough to make me laugh during workouts. YMMV. 


I hurt my ankle back in February, so I've been nursing it for a few months now. I just started P90 (no x...I call it the lower case version) and will do that, hopefully get stronger, and then go for the P90X program again. 



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