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ADHD recommendations?

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My youngest boy has a hard time concentrating and the advice the dr gave me was to find fun hands-on learning tools and educational games to help with his concentration such as building blocks or magformers so I've been on the hunt to find those at a good price or other ideas too. Any suggestions or other recommendations? I found these, has anyone used them? I'm enjoying them more and more. http://www.educents.com/tegu-40-piece-magnetic-wooden-block-set.html

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Tegu are great! Pricey, though, and if you're mainly looking for educational value, it doesn't seem to me that they're any more educational than an inexpensive set of wooden or foam blocks.


How old is your son? Magformers are amazing, they have a ton of different shapes so they're a great building tool. We also have a cheap(er) version of Magnatiles, called Playmags, that my DD likes even more. If you look up manipulatives, you'll find a ton of great "toys" for teaching basic math skills. 3D shapes, a balance, Unifix cubes, pattern blocks, Cuisinaire rods, they're all wonderful hands-on toys.

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What kind of doctor was this and how old is the boy?  I've known some kids who were in so much motion they didn't stop for anything.  Actually ds borders on that, lol.  Really though, ADHD isn't merely lack of attention but misplaced attention.  I'm all for play, but you might find it helpful to dig in on the causes of his symptoms and start some interventions.  OT eval, get him in some sports, etc.  I've played games with my ds for years and he's gotten therapeutic interaction in speech where they play games.  He's still hyper as the day is long.  It's good parenting advice though and good stuff, sure.  


If you tell us the age of your ds, we can toss out ideas.  Really, Target has a very nice games section.  I look for things with lots of opportunities for turn taking and language/speech.  There's a turtle robots programming game that I haven't gotten that I think would be neat.  My ds LOVED the Richard Scarry games.  We still play Curious George Discovery Beach.  Catan Jr. is terrific.  Card games are good.  We're playing Go Nuts a lot these days.

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