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What do you do with all of your cords?


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I feel like little black (and some white) cords are taking over my life: cords for laptops, phones, iPods, calculators, Fitbits etc. are just everywhere. People unplug their whatever and then just leave the cord in the outlet, which I'm sure is drawing some power, or they leave them sprawled on the table or counter. Almost all of them get used if not daily, then weekly, but I am trying to figure out a way to keep them tidy yet accessible.


In my dream world I would have a drawer or cupboard with an outlet in the back where I could plug them in but not see them, but that is not my reality. Any tips or suggestions for what you do?

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Resent them bitterly? Lose them?


lol...*I* keep everything in a box. Like a little rubbermaid type box. I pull it out when I need it, and I put it away when I'm done charging.


For my husband's stuff, I just throw it in his general direction.


They make neat little "stations" where you can get all your cords set up in an organized way and leave them there. If we had a desk I think I would go that route, and have them all plugged into one thing that I could unplug when not in use.

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Charging station on the end of my desk for all the most frequent small devices - phones, iPad, 3DS. All the cords wrapped nicely underneath.


Permanent set ups in living room for laptop cords. Surged power strips behind the furniture with the power cord fastened to be convenient when sitting on the couch or in the recliner.


I use a lot of cable ties and old toilet paper rolls to keep cords neat. It's one of my personal wing nut things.

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First, i only buy tablets and smart phones that use micro USB.  We love Samsung Galaxy products for this reason and we have 5 of their phones.  


That means that there only needs to be one charger in each plug in, not 4 different Apple cords.  

I have power strips beside each bed and everyone has their own chargers for laptops and phones there. 

I have power strips under each couch and cords are left there, but tucked away when not in use. 

I have one power cord that is hidden behind a bookcase and comes out on top. You have to know it is there to see it, it blends in so well.  That one is used by company. 



One trick I have, is that I grab the labeler and label all power cords and blocks when they come into the house. Things like "sis S5", "C Nabi" , XPS2015".  Something, so that if I see it sitting around, I know who it belongs to so they can put it in their rooms. Or when we retire a device, the power cord goes with it.   LOL 



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Lidded basket that sits on my hearth looking decorative except that, if you look closely, you will see a cord or two snaking out the top and plugged into the outlet just above it. Charging items (laptop, iPad, camera) sit inside the basket while they are being charged. Phone chargers go by everyone's bed because we all use our phones as alarms.

I do have another drawer in a desk that sits in front of an outlet. Cords snake out the back of the drawer while the charging items (cordless screwdrivers and a little-used laptop) sit in the drawer. I only have one outlet with permanently-attached charging cords.

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We have a very simple system here.


The boys both have laptops and phones.  Their cords have to stay in their rooms and their devices have to be charged there.


DH charges his phone (his only device that needs charging) in the bathroom at night.  He keeps up with his cord.


That leaves the rest of the house for me to charge my laptop, iPad, phone and Fitbit where I choose.  I keep my cords in Ziploc bags in my desk.


Works for me. ;)

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