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Questions About SAT Prep

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My DD took the practice test on the website and freaked out about missing "too many" on the English portion. I didn't know what to say since there are no percentiles available for the new format test. I think she's probably fine.


So, I got her a test prep book for her own peace of mind. She'll do what she can in it. No high school credit.

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My ds is also prepping for the PSAT/SAT. He's taking the PSAT in October and tentatively thinking about taking the "old" SAT in November. He's worked his way (very slowly, maybe too slowly in my opinion) through one PSAT prep book aimed at the new PSAT. Now he's working through the "blue" SAT prep book. I think he's going to work on that for a week or two and then take the official practice PSAT.


We're definitely not planning to assign any credit or grades.

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My ds15 is prepping for the PSAT using the Khan Academy resources. If it was for the SAT or for junior year PSAT (i.e. tests that "matter") he would be working through old tests and simulating actual test conditions. As it is, he just works on it about 2 hours a week, all on the computer, for some easy test prep from now until the test.


We are not counting it for credit.

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