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I just need to whine...


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I'm 30w5d pregnant, my blood pressure was high at my last appointment, although my lab work for preeclampsia was normal, thank God, and I have a miserable cold. My midwife didn't put me on bed rest, but told me to rest on my side as much as possible. My DH is running his first marathon tomorrow, his parents are coming to stay with us Monday night, then switching to a hotel for Tuesday night so my mom can come watch our kids so in-laws can go to an awards dinner for DH with us, and Wednesday we have a cocktail party to attend where DH's boss is receiving an award.


DH is taking over all the housecleaning for in-laws and my mom to be here, but I have to accept that it will be "boy clean," not quite how I would do it. And he hasn't told his parents about my blood pressure issues yet to explain that I'm really not supposed to be doing the housework. I want to be able to cook and keep the house the way it should be, but I'm worried about keeping this baby safely in as long as possible.


Thanks for letting me vent.

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I am determined, absolutely DETERMINED that the next person who walks into my house will NOT hear me say, "Oh, sorry for the mess." I really hate knowing the people feel that they have to say that when I walk in the door. And I hate to hear it coming from my own mouth.


So, let go of the expectations of cleanliness. Let it be boy clean, put on a big welcoming smile to family, tell them you're on a sort of bed rest, and if they offer, let them do the dishes for you. Praise your DH in front of everyone for how wonderful it is that he's able to keep things so nice and clean while you're pregnant.

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