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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Oh let's see

- school work- did one complete stay assignment and half of another.

- pick up dd1 from friend's house- done

- stain rest of cabinets- done

- help dh put up cabinets

After that who knows, took dd1 to GS event, went to store for a few things, helped dh put/hook up new light fixtures, helped dh with some other stuff.

- dinner- done

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  • Do laundry, hang curtains, put away books and DVDs in the wee hours.

Move remaining kids' stuff upstairs and put other stuff away.

Clear porch, backyard.

Work on organizing kids' room.

Kids' soccer game.

Kids swim / shower?

Shopping for household stuff and groceries.

Other cleaning to prepare for guest.

Entertain guest.


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I was sick earlier in the week. I basically went to bed on Monday night and got up on Thursday late morning. 


So the house needs some work, and my mom is coming over tomorrow. She only comes over to visit once or twice a year. 


Tommorow we are also doing a 5K run first thing in the morning. The race starts at our usually get out of bed time. :p

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Weekend list:


--house: two loads of laundry, put clean slipcovers back on Ikea sectional, chair, and ottoman (a zillion cushions!)

--food: make fruit-nut bars for dd, plan meals for week, write grocery list, finish making food for family Oktoberfest tomorrow

--errands: farmers' market, natural foods store, liquor store

--yard: trim broken limb off tree, weed, plant new perennials purchased yesterday

--email: volunteers, state SO, K, group re AMC

--personal: exercise twice once, text dsis about dinner tomorrow

--school: prep bio labs, file papers from this week, work on my portion of dd's application for a summer program


Yeah, right :lol:

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Dh and I cleaned the kitchen - I did the dishwasher and he did the counters

dd to volunteering and back

ds to work and back

Pet care done

human care done

medical care done though I could do some more like a nasal rinse, which I probably really should do since my throat is all swollen up again.

I cleaned out two toxic waste dumps. . . wait , crispers in the refrigerator.

I went to the grocery store.

I bought one bag worth of stuff for the food drive.

I bought food for us including the makings of a chicken noodle soup that I've been stressing over for some reason.  

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