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Logic stage questions for history

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Is there a book/guide/program that ask questions like Why did Rome fall?  Logic stage questions for history?  I'm not looking for comprehension questions.  I have the activity guide for sotw ancient times, but I don't think those are the type of questions I'm looking for. 


I already looked at the sample pages for Pandia Press' Ancient Times level 2, but I don't think that's what I'm looking for either. 


Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Things like, "When George Washington died he had 316 slaves. Why do you think someone who fought for liberty and equality was a slaveowner?"


"Why was Marco Polo so impressed with the Khan's respect for other religions and the equal treatment he gave to all his subjects, whatever their religion?"




I took those straight from our collection of Jackdaws.  I know people say there's no use for them with all the material online; I buy them for the deep connections they force students to make between all that material available.


Stanford's Read Like A Historian comes close, and has a bit on many of the topics in SOTW vol. 1.

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Thank you for bumping Tsutsie.


Thank you for your suggestions HomeAgain.  Yes, more like the first question.  I don't want to get too in depth.  Just to get him thinking.  I've never heard of Jackdaws before.  I can't wait to check out your suggestions!

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I use a lot of the questions listed for the lectures in Great Courses. They get very specific and sometimes the vocab is too advanced, but a quick revision is not difficult. If your library carries The Great Courses (many do), look at the guide books. Each lecture normally has two questions. They are wonderful to use again and again as you learn more history as well. Much like "Why did Rome fall?" Initially the answer might be very superficial, but as different facets of various constructs are learned social disparity, gender inequality, wage gaps, resource allotment, etc all start to change the answer. We go back to the same questions again and again throughout the year to see if the idea changes.

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