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And with that push of a button...I am now just missing ONE AoPS Book

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Well, excluding the math contest prep books anyhow.  The AoPS collection will be adorning my bookcase for the next 10-12 years. Time to make some room!


It is not possible to have too many good math books, right?  Technically, only one of my older children really uses the AoPS texts, the other two read through them and use them as supplements, and the 4th and 5th aren't ready for them.


My math book case will now have:


The Art of Problem Solving:  Prealgebra, Intro Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Intro Number Theory, Intro Counting & Probability, Intermediate Counting & Probability, Precalculus...and Calculus next year.


Life of Fred:  Elementary Series through Calculus, and Statistics.


Foerster:  Algebra 1, 2, Precalculus and Calculus


Jacobs: Algebra 1 and Geometry


Math Mammoth Keys grades 1-6.  


I'm only sorry my kids won't get to experience Beast Academy.  Perhaps, when I have grandchildren (hopefully one day), that will be my contribution to their schooling.  I do not think I will get rid of these math texts, though.  I cannot say the same really for any other subject.

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You can't have to many, but just remember that those AoPS soft covers do much better if you contact paper them, especially after a child or two.  I wish they came in hardbound.  I refuse to count how many math books we own. :)


I refuse to count but I consider them professional expenses. I also collect old university math textbooks. :D

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