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Up with a sick baby


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Oh :(


Poor bub, poor mama.


Hope she feels better soon, and that you get a nap at least.





Thanks Sadie. She has fallen asleep so I will go see if we can both lie down and sleep.


Up with a 6 week old. It's her first cold. She sleeps soundly on my chest, but gags and wheezes if I try to put her in the crib...

(((Hugs))) I feel so bad for them when they are so little and can't understand why they feel bad.

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I'm sorry she isn't feeling well.


Husband and I are both really sick, but last night our two year old decided to vomit all over in the middle of the night, then run into our bedroom three times for help going poop. That was an hour out of our night we can't get back, and unfortunately we were already going on too little sleep.

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