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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good Morning!


Up at 5am...can't sleep...oh well I can get lots done before everyone gets up. 



Tidy house

Vacuum main floor

run to WM and Target for some decorating items

Hit Aldi for anything we might need this weekend

AC guy coming to fix the beast today!  After 5 AC troubles this summer...I'm doing the happy dance

Decide what to cook this weekend and get my plan together 


Have a great day!

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Good morning

- homedepot and other stores- went to Home Depot but not any where else and I refuse to go to town today due to homecoming

- pick up dh's meds from his appointment this morning- done, he has a kidney infection

- dishes- done

- tidy house- round 1 done and vacuumed

- school work- A&P journal done and response for statistics, lab and quiz done for A&P

- fold laundry- nope

- iron dd1's school clothes- nope

- get dd1 off bus- done

- take dd1 to friends house- done

- dinner- got some take out

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- helped dh carry cabinets in the house, stained a cabinet and helped dh put them where they belong (I have to stain the other 3 tomorrow). I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my dishwasher next Friday :D

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Hi!  This day didn't start out so great.  First, I did something stupid with my alarm clock (now that I finally got my bedroom back), so we got up an hour late.  The kids were slow.  I was crabby.  They did get to school just barely on time.  Back home, I found out I made a work mistake which someone else caught.  Actually, I was following my boss's directions, but now she says she never told me that.  WHATever, that really upset me, even though it is a relatively small matter and an easy fix.  Next up was another super stressful work issue, UGH.  Good thing it's Friday.


The construction boss says oops, they aren't going to finish today after all.  Surprise, surprise.  I did ask them to at least make sure they finished the parts our houseguest will see (first floor), and the girls' closet, and to test the washer to make sure I can use it without having another flood.  :/


Someone bought donuts.  Evil!  I already ate 2 of them and am fighting the urge to eat a 3rd.


So anyway.  Today's list.

  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]
  • Deal with construction guys.
  • Work.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work at gymnastics.
  • Kids' work.
  • Dinner out.
  • Read-aloud?  (We don't have a TV right now.)
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Human care done

Medical care done though I might need to do some more since my throat is swelling up today.  

Pet care done

School done

Kitchen cleaned once.


Now I look around at this mess and I don't know where to even start.  I think I will start again in the kitchen.  It's been messed up a bit since I cleaned it and it should be a quick fix.



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