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My dad had surgery today (pancreatic cancer)


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My dad got sick in March and in June it was discovered that he had pancreatic cancer.  It was in the best possible place and caught early enough.  Only 20% of pancreatic cancers are curable (surgical removal) and his was in that 20%.  He had to have several rounds of chemo first.  That was rough.  Today was finally the day for his surgery.  He had the Whipple procedure which removed the head of the pancreas (1/3 of the pancreas plus the tumor), 10" of small intestine, some lymph nodes, and his gallbladder.


The surgery lasted 7 hours, but went about as good as could be hoped.  He had a vein that gave the surgeon more trouble than expected and my dad lost a lot of blood.  They will decide in the morning if he needs a blood transfusion.  But that was the only complication.


He'll be in the hospital for at least a week and has a long recovery ahead of him (12+ weeks to get back to feeling normal).  There are a couple complications that can happen in the next few days so he will be watched very closely.


I am just so incredibly thankful that the surgery went so well.  His surgeon is one of the top fifty surgeons in the entire country and one of the most experienced in this particular procedure.

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Oh, Butter!  I'll be praying for him that his recovery will go splendidly and that he'll feel well very soon and continue to respond well to the chemo.  My mom had pancreatic cancer that was inoperable, but she lived very well and made every day count.  I don't think you can ask for more.   Hugs for you and your family! 

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