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Favorite easy chapter books for girls - Magic Tree House and Beyond


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What books have been your daughters' favorite when starting chapter books?  I've started a list below.  I'm in search of easy/beginner chapter books that have more meaningful stories and/or better writing.  She's not ready for the Little House series but is eager to read chapter books.


If Magic Tree House was/is a favorite in your home, which book titles in the series were more of a hit?  There are so many!


My daughter prefers book series so any of those would be helpful.




Flat Stanley series

Jigsaw Jones series

Cam Jansen series 


Betsy-Tacy series 

Magic Tree House series 

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series

Pippi Longstocking series


The Boxcar Children series

Wilder - Little House series

American Girl series

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My kids liked the Rainbow Fairy series (there are various sub-series - sports fairies, gem ones, holiday ones, etc.).  One of them enjoyed Junie B. Jones.  One of them liked the series Magic Kitten, Magic Puppy, etc.  Captain Underpants was a thing for a while.  They liked the Magic Treehouse series, though it wasn't an enduring favorite.  My advanced reader read the Little House books, but I do not consider them "easy" chapter books for the level you indicated.  They loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle as a read-aloud, but those are not beginning chapter books.  We have the Boxcar Children series, but they haven't been a hit here so far.

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Magic Treehouse get progressively harder as they go along.  They are also loosely connected with multi-book themes.  With my typically-developing reader, we started with #1 and moved from there.  They grew with her very nicely.  (She still has a few more to finish, but she took a break from them.)

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Magic Tree House here.  They continue from one to another, so the best thing to do is start with #1. 

Warning:  They are pretty formulaic.  Kids who are going to like, say, Nancy Drew or Black Stallion books later on will love this.  My own DD read them avidly for the first 5-6 books, then decided that they were too much the same for her to want to bother with them and moved on to the Ramona books which are much harder.  The only other formula books she has ever read are the Twilight ones (ugh).


MTH cemented her fluency in reading, and without the nutsy bad grammar in books like, say, Junie B. Jones.

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My daughter has loved:

Ivy and Bean

Disney Fairy Books (Much better than the rainbow fairy books)

Ramona Books

I never thought I'd be typing out a sentence like this, but... Yes! Disney fairy books are way better than Rainbow Magic fairy books. I think the authors get more artistic freedom.


The Goddess Girls are more advanced but still accessible. My older daughter loves predictable formulae. These series are great. I didn't get into literature until high school so I think it's okay.

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My DD is currently reading our Magic Tree House collection through for a second time, having already exhausted the library's additional titles.  :-)  She, too, seems to be a series kinda gal, and she has very strong opinions on books--there are a lot she just quits on because she doesn't like them enough.  (Unlike her mother, who feels obligated to finish any book she starts.  The only one I didn't finish was Across Five Aprils which I got midway through around age 14; I felt guilty for so long that I checked it out and read it in my 20s!)


She has also loved

  • Ron Roy's Calendar Mysteries and A to Z Mysteries--both are series, with the calendar ones being slightly lower reading level than the A to Z (like 2nd-3rd as compared to 3rd to 4th). 
  • Boxcar Children
  • Ramona books
  • Magic School Bus chapter books
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If Frozen is a favorite there are about 6 Chapter books that mine really likes.  She is reading the third one and is really getting into it.  We don't have 1 and 2 yet but will be getting it when she finished the 4 she has.




Stuart Little


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