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Spanish 5/AP online options?

Plateau Mama

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Short: does anyone know of an online option to take Spanish 5/ AP Spanish?


Long: DD 15 took Spanish 1 in 8th grade. 9th grade she started Spanish 2 at a new school. At the semester she was moved to Spanish 3. 3rd quarter the teacher asked if I'd be OK if she self studied Spanish 4 over summer and took 5/AP this year.


Well, Spanish 5 doesn't fit into her schedule so the school agreed she could self study. Now they are unsure what to do because the teacher doesn't have time to supervise her and they feel it's too much work/unfair to DD to have essentially no supervision. She aced the Spanish 4 final so taking that would be pointless. DD just wants to do AP this year and get her language done with.


I must add that DD has a photographic memory and language comes very easy to her. She memorized an entire semester of Spanish 3 grammar that she had missed in a couple of hours. We are also planning on sending her to Uruguay this summer for three weeks with the school exchange program.


What do I do with her?!

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John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth offers AP Spanish. Registration ends soon or might have already ended. Classes haven't started though, so they might still let you enroll. There might be hoops to jump with ACT or SAT scores, though. I do think maybe you can enroll first, then deal with that. Although I'm not positive.



The classes are not inexpensive, but students have have the opportunity for around five hours of interaction each week, if they take advantage of the round tables (discussions in Spanish led by teaching assistants). Classes are small, so in some ways it's like getting semi-private lessons.

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