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Neuropsych/cognitive feedback session -- what kind of questions to ask?

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We are scheduled today to get results, and I'd like to make the best use of time.  My husband had a business trip and we were unable to schedule (it would have been months).  So, I"m on my own...


What kind of questions are most helpful to make sure answered?  This will be followed by a write-up of all results.  But this is kind of my chance to ask questions about the testing, etc.


Our concerns basically are about processing speed and executive function, possibly ADHD inattentive.  And if we have a question about how a diagnosis is made, can I ask them for specific clinical observations?  I know we'll go over test results, but the observatin part is so...fuzzy.


Is there anything you didn't ask at a feedback session that would have been helpful?  This is a large neurology organization, not sure if they are available for follow-up questions or emails after the fact.

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When DS11 had his NP evals a year and a half ago, I went to the parent meeting ready to finally get some answers. I didn't have a list of questions prepared, because I just needed to hear what they had to say. I wasn't sure what they had found, so I couldn't prepare questions about it ahead of time. We did get answers, but they were overwhelming and some were unexpected, so I left feeling kind of burdened and confused. It was not that the NP did a poor job of explaining things; the meeting was very thorough. It was just a lot to process.


What I wish I had asked: Why did you decide NOT to diagnose certain things? We were taking in so much info about what WAS diagnosed that we neglected to ask why some things were ruled out. Knowing why they were ruled out would have been very helpful.


 Also, be sure to ask what you can do if you have questions later, since you are not sure about that. Our NP worked in a large hospital system, and we can't just pick up the phone and get through to her.





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