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Spanish online games, apps, etc.?


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DD LOVES DuoLingo and is learning a surprising amount of Spanish on her own from it. She is only 5 but she is very bright and an excellent reader (well above grade level). I created a DuoLingo account for her in May since DS9 and I were starting on it and I thought she might enjoy it. She progresses relatively slowly but is extremely motivated and has learned far more than I expected (with virtually no help from me). She generalizes her knowledge really well and regularly pipes up with sentences in Spanish as we go through the day.


What other good Spanish learning sites could I check out for her? I'm not really looking for something with a ton of "entertainment" value - DuoLingo is not actually entertaining but it works great for her... I think she really likes the concept of earning points and lingots and such (she and DS and I are Friends on DuoLingo and so we have a leaderboard together). I'd love something that could increase her vocabulary and let her hear and understand more dialogue and such.


FWIW, DS and I also study Latin and Chinese together, and I tend to prefer "direct"/immersion method language instruction (although I'm not opposed to using other methods).


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Well, your post sounds like you are not interested in Salsa, which is a common recommendation for that age.


One of my libraries had Muzzy online and it included some basic games associated with the different lessons.


The three of you might like the BBC's Mi Vida Loca. It is episodes of a show that you participate in and then there a few grammar and vocabulary exercises, some of which include listening to dialog. We like it here, but I can't review the end since we haven't gotten there yet...


We get Spanish story books from the library occasionally and read those. Low tech.


Another thing you might like is the Spanish package at Tinman Press. There are four different types of activities that use some (occasionally new) vocabulary, and often require the kids to listen to your oral directions. It is a nice supplement. I got the whole thing and usually we would do one sheet from two different packets at a sitting. I think I found two sheets that needed errata, and the company quickly sent me one (maybe both?) I'm happy to pass them on if you go with that.


If you speak Spanish, you would be well equipped to check out the Zambombazo website. I can muddle through and find cool stuff, although much of it is meant to be printed out.


None of this is exactly what you asked for, though. I'll keep thinking about it.

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