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There are different kinds of traditionalist Catholics.  The SSPX are on the far end of that, though they probably stop short of being the most extreme.


They have had some problems with what seems to be various sorts of racial bigotry, though it isn't a requirement or anything to adhere to their views.  But there does be a tendency for them to be very focused on a particular cultural expression of Catholicism ( I tend to think of them as very Trent/Vat I focused), which then seems appealing to a the sort of person who wants to promote a particular kind of cultural dominance.  They have had a few prominent members of that type who have created a lot of controversy.


There has been a pretty strong tendency for SSPX adherents to go on to embrace sedavacatism.


As for the relationship to the Catholic Church - their priests are real priests, so in Catholic terms their masses are considered valid but illicit.  But something many people who attend SSPX chapels because they prefer the Latin mass don't realize is that if a Catholic goes to confession with an SSPX priest, it is actually considered invalid. 


The Catholic Church has in the past hoped to bring them back into a good relationship, but I think that was becoming unlikely even under Benedict, who was sympathetic to their liturgical views.  As it stands now, it seems like they are becoming more and more established as an independent group - it will be interesting to see if that ends up with them outright embracing a sedevacantist perspective.

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Trad Catholics are to catholicism what the Duggars and their ilk are to protestantism.

Er. No. I realize that there are many definitions of "Trad Catholic," but around here that term is simply somebody who adheres to things that were adhered to prior to vatican II (but are still recognized as valid in vatican II; nothing they do is "out of communion" with the church, regardless); these are people who often attend the Latin Mass, still cover in church, no meat on fridays (year 'round), etc. 

Traditional catholics aren't extremists any more than any other fully practicing catholic who is in communion with the church.

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